Outstanding leadership presence and purpose-driven impact for pioneering executives

with Maud Raber
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The leading edge of executive potential development is embodied

I support groundbreaking human evolutions in organisations to succeed and sustain over time, through the development of integrative leadership, resilience and relational excellence.

My whole-person coaching and facilitation (integrating body and mind) enables this on 2 levels:



I coach pioneering executives confronted with highly disruptive strategic challenges, and facilitate their teams and organisations to successfully navigate volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous contexts towards meaningful business and societal impact. When no outer compass is good enough anymore, I support them to grow in and through the body extra-ordinary systemic perception, decision- and risk-taking abilities, along with outstanding relational abilities and a compelling authentic presence that enable humans to thrive at work.


Training & Mentoring

I train and mentor executive coaches and facilitators servicing organisations, who are committed to fostering whole-person evolution at work. I support them develop in themselves and with their clients an embodied, transformational coaching presence and skillset that demultiplies the impact of their facilitation. This is for me another powerful way to support deep, groundbreaking human transformation that lasts.


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Leverage the untapped potential of your body-mind for quicker, deeper and longer-lasting results

Fast-track leaders’ & talents’ development

When no external compass meets the speed of change, cultivate with me an outstanding presence, sharp complexity management and relational excellence.


Self-Management that (really) works

Beyond the implementation of Holacracy, anticipate and accompany with me the deep, demanding human paradigm shift towards the Future of Work.


Team high performance

Harness powerful body-mind practices for creating highly cohesive, meaningful, engaging group dynamics where the group’s collective breakthroughs emerge.


Cultural transformation

As an executive, you shape your organisation’s culture at every moment, by how you show up, act and relate. Leverage the body-mind connection for compelling role modelling.


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Testimonials & Featured Clients

For all those who want to work on their leadership from an original angle, off the beaten track, with many fully embodied exercises it is not to be missed. Among the strenghts of this programme: no slides and 80% of exercises. Thank you !

Vice-President Finance and Internal Control, International Industrial Group

Excellent facilitation! I particularly appreciated the work on posture and presence.

Head of cultural transformation, consulting and audit firm

In this series of workshops, I became aware of the 3 dimensions that compose me: head - heart - body, and oftheir interactions. And I also have much more clarity and tools around how can protect my integrity and develop a better listening quality in my relationships

Marketing and sales Head, railway group

Very interactive program, focused on experience, self-reflexion and sharing. Thank you!

HR Director, international consulting firm

Excellent training, that addresses topics I have never explored before. I feel I know myself better. I appreciated the pragmatic exercises and the deciphering of our behaviors. It's great !

Director of Risk Management and Internal Control, insurance company

This training is delivered with people care and really supports awareness development. I liked a lot the practical exercices .

Marketing Director, International Recruitment and Interim Group

I am taking away very concrete tools that I can use in difficult conversations. But also with an awareness of the interest of paying attention to my body.

Management consultant

I realize that, as long as I pay attention to it, my body is a ressource for me. I have the security of knowing that I can come back to it anytime and leverage its power more fully, and it feels good!

Head of HR development, international industrial group