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“Soulutions for Earth” Podcast with Broderick Brown

Join Broderick and I as we dive into whole-person transformation in the executive world and all things Jedi: aïkido, body-mind simulators for navigating a VUCA world, the relationship between power, love and impact, and more generally the integral “OS upgrade” in our ways of being that current world challenges require from us as conscious leaders.

Topics & Timestamps

Here are key topics we discussed and where to find them in the episode:

  • What inspired Maud’s embodied leadership journey? (00:53)
  • Maud’s wider mission & the executives she works with (05:26)
  • The Inner Development Goals Initiative (9:58)
  • Drawing upon the philosophy of Aikido for leadership development (12:22)
  • Using aspects of Aikido for embodied leadership practice (16:31)
  • Live coaching demo with guided practices (21:30)
  • Unpacking the coaching experience and key insights gained (34:18)
  • What becomes possible when we unite body and mind? (37:08)
  • What does it mean to be powerful? What does it mean to be loving? (40:12)
  • We’re most powerful when we’re kind (43:50)
  • How our state affects outcomes (45:44)
  • How embodied coaching supports leaders to develop new abilities over time (46:58)
  • How lyrical singing can help with embodied change (53:00)
  • Maud’s favorite thing about the work she’s doing and the impact it’s having with leaders (57:00)
  • Holocracy: A decentralized organization structure that allows for more autonomy, efficiency, and creativity (01:01:15)
  • What does love mean? (01:09:45) 

Resources & References

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