Useful Reads On Embodiment

Here are some valuable reads on embodiment, somatics and everything bodymind, that you may enjoy yourself and wish to share with others.

We’ll keep curating more, so please let us know what you’d love to read more about.

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Embodied Coaching: Leverage the Power of Whole-Person Transformation - M. Raber

Published in International Coaching News, 23rd Ed., November 2018

In this article, you will find key principles and practices of embodied coaching; three go-to exercises I use daily with my executive coaching clients; recommendations and resources to explore the topic further and to develop your embodied coaching excellence.

Connect, Then Lead - A. Cuddy, M. Kohut, J. Neffinger

In this HBR article, the authors outline the critical dimensions of highly inspiring embodied leadership: warmth and strength, with an emphasis on warmth.

Why Embodied Leadership Matters - F. Briers

In this Training Journal article, Francis Briers offers tips and techniques to stay cool in the midst of intensity. (Head to page 5 for the article).

Additional Inspirations

Additional resources sheet assembled by Maud Raber. Check out in particular some key TED talks and other keynotes.

Practice Resources

Click below to access my practical embodiement resources, including a centering scan and a bodyscan.

Panel Resources

Click below to access my panel resources, featuring leading voices in the embodiment field.